At Rainmakers we are passionate about giving our customers the highest quality service. Our installation process is done collaboratively with onsite landscapers to ensure that the project is done seamlessly and has the greatest benefit to your landscaping needs.

High quality service from start to finish

Our installation services include both machine and hand dig installations. We do not operate with open trenching. Instead, all machine work is vibratory plow (direct burial) to minimize landscape disruption and increase efficiency. We also provide all necessary plumbing to optimize the flow requirements to suit your specific irrigation needs. Once the installation is complete, we also offer clean-up services, as well as top-seeding the irrigation site with premium grass seed.

We take care of everything

As part of our installation services, all major utility companies will be contacted via Ontario One Call prior to the installation beginning. Our team will work collaboratively with the onsite landscaper to ensure the project is done seamlessly, with the best results for your landscapes in mind. To ensure client satisfaction, payment is upon the final completion of the project.

Customized to fit your landscape

Our professional irrigation layouts are specifically tailored to ever client’s landscapes to optimize the health of your landscape while efficiently using water to do so. The use of a rain sensor detects sufficient levels of rainfall and halts all irrigation to prevent overwatering the landscape. Sprinkler system automation allows clients to customize their landscapes requirements as per seasonal conditions.

Lawn and garden plantings are watered separately due to precipitate level requirements. We also offer drip emitter irrigation for all flower planters and potted arrangements. The separated irrigation from all other landscapes is done to ensure planting longevity and promote landscape health.


Take advantage of the benefits of a water irrigation system for your home.